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Accessibility is a simple concept:

Products and services are for everybody, regardless of limitations.

Let's make this easier to understand.

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Our Process

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Step 1:

Can everyone use your products? How do you  know? Discover potential legal violations in your company or agency and learn how to make your products and services available to all.

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Step 2:

After you have an inventory of existing issues, develop a strategy for resolving them. We can help you come up with a remediation plan that works with your budget and schedule.

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Step 3:

Making products and services accessible is more than testing. It’s a product of requirements and design. Get ahead by incorporating accessibility into the early states of your product’s life cycle.

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Step 4:

Mitigate risks and prevent future problems by revising the old way of doing things. Learn how to improve existing business processes to meet new standards of quality.

About Us

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Who We Are

We are subject matter experts with nearly two decades of experience implementing user-centered design and accessibility best practices throughout the product life cycle. We’re a group of trusted advisors committed to working closely with our clients in order to meet their accessibility goals. The Axia Group provides a range of services to help your company or agency develop, test or purchase products that are accessible to all users. In order to be cost-efficient, projects must incorporate accessibility and usability standards into planning and design. We provide strategic support throughout the product life cycle in order to ensure the most streamlined experience possible.

A seasoned strategist in the world of accessibility and user-centered design

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